What are the right ways to use chicken brooders?

If you have ever seen a mother hen take care of chicks, you will know that during the early days of the chick life, they always hind under their mother’s belly. This happens because they were seeking warmth.

Therefor in the enclosure condition, as soon as you hatched or bought the chicks, you should give them a warm place with a proper temperature for them to grow healthy and comfortable. This place is known as the chicken brooders.

But whether you decide to build your own brooder or buying a brooder, these following are a few things you should know to use a chick brooder in the right ways:


Each chick requires at least a feet square of space. Or at the beginning, you can place them in a small brooder and then after 2-3 weeks when they more grow, you will need to move them into a larger space. If the chicks live in a camp space that does not large enough, the chick could trample over each other, lack of fresh air to breathe and causes the dead is possible.

If you build your own chicken brooder, you should ensure that the space is at least 12 inches of height for the chicks are 1-2 weeks old. When they turn to 6 weeks old, they should be placed in the best chicken brooder which has at least 24 inches of height. The lower brooder will get the risk that your chickens hopping out.

You can also add a screen to cover the brooder as a lid in order to stop them from hopping out and protect them from other animals and curious kids. But the screen has to allow the chicks to get enough fresh air.

For the bedding, pine shavings are a common choice that easy to find, inexpensive and keep warm for the chicks even in the colder months. You can also use the newspaper as bedding but remember to avoid cedar shavings. Cedar can contain oils that can cause toxic to your chickens. You should spread about a couple of inches of bedding in the brooder floor initially.