Tour the Farm

Welcome to the Farm

Our farm is located in a beautiful, rural setting, yet we’re just 20 minutes from the fine restaurants, shops and city life of downtown Bend.

The Kid Barn

Every spring, the barn is bursting with 200 to 300 baby goats, known as kids. They’re born weighing about 5 pounds, and they’re curious and playful from the get-go.

The Feeding Alley

Twice a day the goats munch on alfalfa, a special treat for them, and then they head out to pasture. The Feeding Alley is the goats’ dinner plate, so we work hard to keep it really clean.

The Milking Herd

Our goats get milked twice a day and each goat produces a total of 3 quarts of milk per day.

The Milking Parlor

No, goats aren’t milked by hand anymore! But the personal touch is important. Because our milking staff knows each goat personally, they’re able to maximize the milk output using the automatic milking machines. Regularity, a calm environment and familiarity with each goat allows the milkers to assure a consistent supply of our most important ingredient — raw milk.

The Cheese Room

White shoes are always in season in the cheese room.
Pierre is heating a fresh batch of milk destined to become the
legendary Tumalo Tomme.

The Cheese Cellar

Our cellar is a cool 48 degrees and 85 percent humidity and houses 500 wheels. Some cheeses, like Redmondo and Tumalo Tomme, are aged in the cellar for as long as nine months.

Pierre received a degree from ENILBIO, Poligny then returned to the States in 1987 to establish his own farm. What began as a local, one-man operation has blossomed into a nationally known company favored by hundreds of specialty stores, fine restaurants and upscale markets.

Yet Juniper Grove Farm remains a simple, hardworking farm, run by a close-knit group of Oregonians who love cheese, love animals and take pride in a job well done. Though they make cheese seven days a week, production on the farm is limited to ensure high quality and low impact on the land.