It has been way too long since I blogged! That’s what happens when I write a lot so I guess that’s a good thing.

The first half of this year has gone by way too fast! I released the fourth Devil Series novel, The Devil, plus the third in the Original Series, Saving Eden. This summer I will have at least three new releases.

The prequel to the Devil Series, Charlie’s story, titled What Devil’s May Come will be released in the Potions and Poisons Box Set in July. Also in July, I will release A Hero’s Death, the first novel in the Aris Crow Vampire Legend series. I really hope readers enjoy this series! It’s been a pet project of mine for a long time!!

I hope to update my blog soon with what’s going on in my life besides all this boring writing stuff, but until then, I hope you are all well!


I’ve lived beneath the streets all my life while a growing darkness overtook the city I love. I’ve watched the people suffer, I’ve smelled their fear, and heard their cries for mercy. All under the control of the man who murdered my parents.

The police have failed them. The justice system has failed them.

It’s my turn now.

The city doesn’t need another hero. They need a monster.



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Best Aquarium Filter for Large Tanks 2022: Fluval Canister FX6 Filter VS. Marineland 350 Penguin Filter

An aquarium not only a decoration but also can bring health benefits and relations for the owners. And the larger aquarium is always better since there is more room for decorating and adding fish. Large tanks also require less effort of maintaining.
However, the larger the tank is, the more powerful a filer you will need. But if this is the first time you get to know about the filter, we will help you make the decision by introducing the two best aquarium filter for larger tank: Marineland Penguin 350 BIO-wheel Power Filter VS. Fluval Canister FX6 Filter.

Price Comparison Table of Aquarium Filter 2022

#1 The filter size

The fish tank filter for a larger tank that means they are designed to handle more amount of gallon water, so they often bigger than filers for a small tank. Fluval FX6 is a canister filter; it will take more space than most other types of filters. The dimension is 11.5 x 13.5 x 9 and range to 11.5 x 20.5 x 12.

Marineland Peguin 350 is a bio-well hang on back filter, this filter will require the space to install outside the tank since it is hang on back. This filter also needs a bit more space for the wheel.

These two filters are both installed outside the tank. So before decide to buy them, you should check your blank space to ensure that the filters will fit the space that you have.

#2 Capacity

If your tank is not too big, at mid-range sized tank, then Marineland Penguin 350 is the ideal option for you. It works for aquarium up to 70 gallons in volume. It also can handle 350 gallons of water per hour.

While if you own a very large tank, will Fluval FX6 may be a better option for you. It is more costly than other devices, but it is certainly worth it. Fluval FX6 designed to uses for the tank is up to 400 gallons in volume and astounding 563 gallons per hour.

These two filers have a different capacity and handle different types of aquarium. In order to get the best results, you are recommended to use these filters for the tank size that has a smaller volume than what the filter is designated.

#3 Filtration effectiveness

Fluval FX6 Canister includes 6 stages filtration with 3 filter media: mechanical, chemical and biological. You can use it for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium.

It offers smart pump technology and self-starting features. You only need to add water, plugin and the smart pump will do its work. Including removable, stackable media baskets, each one capable of holding 5,9 liters of media.

Marineland Penguin 350 includes the bio-wheel, which is designed for optimal cycling allows beneficial bacteria to be growth in the tank. But this bio-wheel is not really great for aquatic plants.

This filter is also great to remove small particles. But larger particles will require to remove manually.

Why should you need a bearded dragon collar?

Have you ever seen people walk his bearded dragon in a park on a leash? For people who are keeping a bearded dragon, it is certainly their favorite activity outdoor.

In stead let him roam around his terrarium, take him outside with a leash will bring him a lot of health benefit. It will make you surprised due to its convenience that more than you will need.

This following is the reason why you should buy a bearded dragon collar.

Top Sales Product Features Price
3 Packs Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash Adjustable(S,M,L) – Soft Leather Reptile Lizard Leash for Amphibians and Other Smal… from $7.99
Pawaboo Adjustable Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash, 3 Size Leather Reptile Leash Outdoor Harness Leash with Bat Wings for … from $8.99
DSSPORT 3 Packs Adjustable Bearded Dragon Harness Lizard Leash with Cool Wings for Lizard Reptiles and Other Small Pet Anim… from $7.29
POPETPOP Bearded Dragon Leash Angel Wing Collar Strap Cat Hauling Cable for Hamster Small Pet Kitten Leash – Size M (Pink) from $7.34
Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash Harness Hat Bowtie Set -Bearded Dragon Top Hat + Bow Tie Collar Costume Accessories + 3 Pack H… from $10.99
Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash Harness Hat Bowtie Set -Bearded Dragon Top Hat + Bow Tie Collar Costume Accessories + 3 Pack H… from $12.98
Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash Harness Hat Set -Bearded Dragon Top Hat + 3 Pack Harness Leash for for Lizard Reptile, Gecko, Igu… from $13.98
Ogle Lizard Leash, Limited Edition Green Scales (Extra-Large Size) from $9.99
Carolina Designer Dragons Leather Reptile Collar; Limited Edition, 10mm Regaliz Leather with Studs and Swarovski Blue Rhinesto… from $28.99
Adjustable Lizard Leash Bearded Dragon Harness Cool Leather Wings Safety Walking Leash(S,M,L,3pack) from $15.50
WATFOON Bearded Dragon Accessories Adjustable Chin Decor Necklace Bandanas Reptile Apparel Accessories Bowtie Collar Outfi… from $7.99 ($2.66 / Count)
Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash Harness Hat Bowtie Set -Bearded Dragon Top Hat + Bow Tie Collar Costume Accessories + 3 Pack H… from $10.99
3 Pieces Mini Adjustable Reptile Collar with Bells Nylon Pet Collar Suitable for Lizard Bearded Dragon Gecko Chameleon Guinea Pi… from $10.99 ($3.66 / Count)
Lizard Clothes Bearded Dragons Blue White Plaid Bowtie with Elastic Lace Decor Handmade Stretchy Bowknot Collar Outfit Reptil… from $8.99
PrttyPrtty 3-Size Bearded Dragon Lizard Reptiles Adjustable Leather Dinosaur Wings Harness Halloween Costumes Collar Leash f… from $4.98 ($4.98 / Count)

#1 Sunbathing

The most important benefit when you take him out on with the best bearded dragon leash to sunbathing is provided him with natural heat. Your bearded dragon, like the other reptiles, need some heat to support his body functions.

Bearded dragon prefers hot sunlight from natural than UV lamps in the terrarium.

#2 Keep him safe

A bearded dragon can be a very active animal, the collar will help you to control him, keep him by your side or may him will disappear some way when walking around.

The collar can also ensure your bearded always safe, be secured, eating harmful insects and won’t get lost while he explores the new surroundings.

#3 Training your pet

Many people decide to buy a collar because of this reason. Training your pet is a hard task but it is not impossible. With the collar to control and training, your bearded dragon can do some tricks like other pets.

#4 Accessory

The best bearded dragon leash can also be an accessory that makes your bearded dragon cute. If your pet felt uncomfortable when you get them on clothes and try to make him look good. You should buy him a collar instead.

 #5 Health benefits

Get him outside to walk with a collar will help him in digesting his food and support other physiological body functions such as the metabolism process, avoid obesity.

Cheese Shop

Prices are per pound, unless otherwise noted.

Firm Styles

Tumalo Tomme®
16.50 cut to order / 15.50 by the wheel
wheel approc 3 1/2 #
A unique unpasteurized mountain-style cheese. Aged and rubbed on pine planks in our cellar, its natural crust shades from ivory to orange; the body has slight openings; the flavor is frank, deep – reflecting our pastures, forages and high-desert environment; named after the tomme  style of the French Alps and Tumalo, a village near our farm on the east side of the Cascade Mountains.

Cumin Tomme
16.50 / 15.50

Toasted cumin seeds in the body of the cheese compliments the earthy flavor of our tomme.

17.50 / 16.50
A cooked curd cheese, similar in style to an aged Pecorino; very firm; fruity, nutty and velvety flavors; made from unpasteurized goats milk; aged minimum 9 months.

Farmer’s Cheese 14.00 / 13.00
A pressed round, somewhat like jack; wheels are 4#, made with unpasteurized goat’s milk, then cold-aged minimum 60 days; the flavor is mildly sweet; melts well and compliments other flavors – good for sandwiches, or firm enough to be shaved.

Gruyère by Goat
Cut to order 18.50

Unpasteurized, firm and dense like a French alpine cheese, made with goat milk; makes a great grilled cheese sandwich. May not always be available – ask us.

Raw Milk Goat Feta
6 – 10 oz packages @ .85 per oz.
Firm, yet silky too; aged 60 days in whey brine; vibrant and mellow flavor comes from our farmstead fresh milk.

Surface Ripened Styles

6 1/2 oz. 9.50
A mold-ripened log in a beautiful presentation with wheat straw through the middle;  the characteristic wrinkly rind , which is traditional for aged farmstead chèvres, gives this cheese a creamy and complex flavor.

Otentique® 5 oz. disc 7.00
Mildest of our mold ripened cheeses ; at 10 weeks of age it is fully ripe.

6.5 oz. 9.50

A mold-ripened cheese in an elegant pyramid shape; the rind is delicate and edible; its flavor gradually evolves and reaches its peak at 8-10 weeks of age.

Thor’s Special Smoked Crottin®
5 oz. 7.50
A young chèvre that we smoke over maple wood; our dense hand-ladled cheese takes on a delicate and perfectly complimentary light bronze exterior.

Fromage blanc: literally “white cheese”, it has a fresh, vibrant taste and is excellent used as a complement to other ingredients; comes plain or with fresh perennial herbs and garlic that we grow in our herb garden.

Chèvre 5 oz. 6.50
Plain-Pepper-Cumin/coriander or herbes de provence

We have always hand-ladled our chèvre; it makes for a firm, dense, silky smooth texture. The taste is mild and not goaty, because of our special cultures and the quality of our raw goat’s milk.  We also add fresh ground black pepper, toasted cumin and coriander and herbes de provence to the outside of our 5 oz. discs.  They are vacuum packed and have a shelf life of at least 90 days.

Dutchman’s Flat®
18.50 / 17.50 (wheel appr 1 1/2#
Mold-ripened chèvre in a 8” by 2” wheel;  very delicate wrinkly rind covers a creamy interior and has an ashed exterior and center; named after the snow covered plain below Mt. Bachelor.

Silver Dollar:  about the same diameter as its namesake and 1 oz. in weight; thin, wrinkly rind over a medium aged, mild chèvre; perfect for individual portions and salads

You can buy our award winning cheese several ways:
Drive to Redmond and get it right here
Visit us at Bend (Wednesday) or
Portland Farmers Market (Saturday).
Pick some up at your favorite store
Have it shipped direct.

email us for prices and availability,
or pick up the phone
and talk to Pierre or Anita.
We’ll get your information, then give an
insulated little bundle of deliciousness to
the UPS man.
You will be enjoying one of the
country’s best cheeses in no time.


What are the right ways to use chicken brooders?

If you have ever seen a mother hen take care of chicks, you will know that during the early days of the chick life, they always hind under their mother’s belly. This happens because they were seeking warmth.

Therefor in the enclosure condition, as soon as you hatched or bought the chicks, you should give them a warm place with a proper temperature for them to grow healthy and comfortable. This place is known as the chicken brooders.

But whether you decide to build your own brooder or buying a brooder, these following are a few things you should know to use a chick brooder in the right ways:


Each chick requires at least a feet square of space. Or at the beginning, you can place them in a small brooder and then after 2-3 weeks when they more grow, you will need to move them into a larger space. If the chicks live in a camp space that does not large enough, the chick could trample over each other, lack of fresh air to breathe and causes the dead is possible.

If you build your own chicken brooder, you should ensure that the space is at least 12 inches of height for the chicks are 1-2 weeks old. When they turn to 6 weeks old, they should be placed in the best chicken brooder which has at least 24 inches of height. The lower brooder will get the risk that your chickens hopping out.

You can also add a screen to cover the brooder as a lid in order to stop them from hopping out and protect them from other animals and curious kids. But the screen has to allow the chicks to get enough fresh air.

For the bedding, pine shavings are a common choice that easy to find, inexpensive and keep warm for the chicks even in the colder months. You can also use the newspaper as bedding but remember to avoid cedar shavings. Cedar can contain oils that can cause toxic to your chickens. You should spread about a couple of inches of bedding in the brooder floor initially.

Goat cheese recipes

Anita’s Goat Cheesecake


Two 9″ cheesecakes

2 premade 9″ graham cracker crusts
2 pounds Juniper Grove Farm Fromage, at room temperature
1 cup sour cream
2 large eggs
2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice

Preheat oven to 350º F.

In a bowl beat goat cheese with an electric mixer until thick, smooth, and creamy for about 5 minutes. Beat in sour cream, eggs, and sugar, and continue beating until mixture is very smooth and creamy, for 4 to 5 minutes. Add vanilla and lime juice and beat until thoroughly incorporated, for about 2 minutes.

Pour filling over crusts, divided evenly between the two pans, and bake until brown and springy, for about 1 1/2 hours. Remove from oven and allow to cool to room temperature. If you refrigerate the cake, remove from the refrigerator and let it to come to room temperature (about 2 hours) before serving.

To serve, cut wedge of the cheesecake with warm knife. Dip the knife in a tall glass of warm water between slices.

More to come!

Tour the Farm

Welcome to the Farm

Our farm is located in a beautiful, rural setting, yet we’re just 20 minutes from the fine restaurants, shops and city life of downtown Bend.

The Kid Barn

Every spring, the barn is bursting with 200 to 300 baby goats, known as kids. They’re born weighing about 5 pounds, and they’re curious and playful from the get-go.

The Feeding Alley

Twice a day the goats munch on alfalfa, a special treat for them, and then they head out to pasture. The Feeding Alley is the goats’ dinner plate, so we work hard to keep it really clean.

The Milking Herd

Our goats get milked twice a day and each goat produces a total of 3 quarts of milk per day.

The Milking Parlor

No, goats aren’t milked by hand anymore! But the personal touch is important. Because our milking staff knows each goat personally, they’re able to maximize the milk output using the automatic milking machines. Regularity, a calm environment and familiarity with each goat allows the milkers to assure a consistent supply of our most important ingredient — raw milk.

The Cheese Room

White shoes are always in season in the cheese room.
Pierre is heating a fresh batch of milk destined to become the
legendary Tumalo Tomme.

The Cheese Cellar

Our cellar is a cool 48 degrees and 85 percent humidity and houses 500 wheels. Some cheeses, like Redmondo and Tumalo Tomme, are aged in the cellar for as long as nine months.

Pierre received a degree from ENILBIO, Poligny then returned to the States in 1987 to establish his own farm. What began as a local, one-man operation has blossomed into a nationally known company favored by hundreds of specialty stores, fine restaurants and upscale markets.

Yet Juniper Grove Farm remains a simple, hardworking farm, run by a close-knit group of Oregonians who love cheese, love animals and take pride in a job well done. Though they make cheese seven days a week, production on the farm is limited to ensure high quality and low impact on the land.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Leopard Gecko Substrate

There are lots of leopard geckos that lose their lives due to the wrong choice of substrate. Leopard geckos are quite sensitive; this is the reason why many young leopard geckos do not even live for longer than one year.

Therefore, it is important to do your own research about leopard gecko substrate before making the decision.

What is substrate for leopard geckos?

The substrate can be known as bedding is the material that you can place in the leopard gecko tank’s floor for them to walk on.

There are some substrates that are safe for leopard gecko such as paper towels, newspaper, reptile carpet, special clay substrate, etc. And some unsafe leopard gecko substrates like sand, wood chippings, etc.

You also can create the DIY substrate for your geckos by 40% organic soil, 40% sand, and 20% clay. This mixture should be dry totally before you allow your pet uses it.

Tips for using substrate for leopard geckos

You should line a few inches of the substrate at the bottom of your terrarium. This will ensure that the substrate is thick enough. Your pet can safely dig and burrow in this best substrate for leopard gecko.

If you are using the heat pad to warm up your geckos, you should place the heat pad outside under the tank. The heat pad will het up the substrate but do not overheat your leopard geckos, help you maintain the proper temperature in the tank.

Preventing impaction in leopard geckos?

Impaction is a health threat that can happen for every lizard that is kept in captivity, the leopard gecko is no exception.

The impaction occurs when your leopard geckos consume their substrate but it is cannot digest, compact in the intestines and block it. Impaction almost caused by the wrong substrate.

If impaction is not found early, it eventually can lead the death is possible for leopard geckos. This is why you should not use sand as a leopard geckos substrate since the risks that the sand brings far outweigh the benefits.