Best LED aquarium lighting: NICREW classic LED Light VS. KOVAL LED light

Best LED aquarium lighting does not only serve to increase the special aesthetic appeal of your fish, corals, plant or any aquatic organisms. The LED light also plays an important role in the simulate day and night cycles in your tank.

Especially, if you are keeping plants and corals in your aquarium, the LED light will provide the optimum temperature and lighting conditions for plants and corals photosynthesize.

There are many models of LED light for aquarium available on the market with different pros and cons. This post will help you narrow your choice by comparing two of the most favorite LED light products recently: Nicrew classic LED lighting VS. Koval LED lighting.

#1 Light spectrum

The spectrum should contain enough colors for the photosynthesis process of plants and corols.

Nicrew LED light creates a shimmering light in your aquarium that can be set to 2 different modes. The white lights are good for daylight. The daytime mode provides a clean and balanced natural color for the lighting.

And the blue lights are used for the nighttime mode. When you switch to the night mode, the shadowy actinic blue light will mimic nightlight perfectly.

Koval LED light contains the full-color spectrum with78 and 156 bright lights depend on the size that you choose. These lights offer 5 different colors. Due to the full spectrum light, this LED light is suitable for any type of fish, aquatic plant ad coral reefs.

It also has more lighting mode than the Nicrew with 3 options: all lights on, only blue LEDs on, and all lights off. The “all light on” mode used for daytime and “only blue LEDs on” mode will simulate the natural moonlight and use it for the nighttime.

#2 Efficiency

The first thing you will find in Nicrew light once you install it is its brightness. It is an extremely bright light. This will ensure that every corner in your tank will be illuminated. Nicrew produces the light that does not affect the behavior of the fish in the aquarium but still ensures the benefit for the plants.

Depends on how you use it, the Koval light can be used for 50,000 hours and more, which helps you save the cost of buying replacements bulbs. This is the LED light with highly efficient and low energy.

#3 Extra features and cost

There are many LED lights that come with some extra features such as run on time, automatically change intensity, range of wavelengths, etc. However, with 2 products that will review, there are no extra features included, no timer, dimer or another adjustment.

But the lights with more features will be more expensive. Sacrificing some additional features below, you can get the Nicrew and Koval light with less cost but still, give the basic factors that your aquarium needed.

Frequently Asked Question About Under Tank Heater For Reptiles

Reptiles need a heat source not only to keep warm. They also require heat to maintain their body functions such as digesting food, excreting waste and improve circulation and respiration systems.

And one of the most effective methods to provide heat for your terrarium is using under tank heater for reptiles.

But if you have ever used a heating pad before, there are many questions might come to your mind. This post is some common questions about under tank heater that will help you get to know about it.

Are heat pads for reptiles safe?

If you observe the following guidelines, the heat pad is completely safe to use for your reptile’s tank:

Reading the instruction carefully before installing your heat pads.

Placing the heat pads outside your closure, at the bottom of the tank. There is a risk of burning the substrate or overheat your pet if you place the hat pads inside the tank.

Ensure that you will disconnect the heat pad and the power supply before you clean the tank.

Using the thermostat to control and monitor the heat pads.

Do reptiles need any light if there is a heat pad in the tank?

Even when you are using the best reptile heating pad, you also need to provide the light for your reptiles. Reptiles need the UVA and UVB light to survive in the enclosure.

There are also some species of reptile do not need UVB light, but they also need the daylight to maintain their day and night time cycle.

Should you use a heat pad for plastic terrarium?

No, you should not. Plastic really easy to get melt if the temperature is increasing suddenly.

You are recommended to use the heat pad for glass or wooden tanks. The plastic tank is not really durable and tend to turn yellow over time or when it meets the heat.

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Frequency Questions About Fish Tank Chiller

It is obvious that water temperature is very important to fish because they are cold-blooded animals. That means their body temperature deeply affects the environment surrounding.

Due to this, you will need the fish tank chiller to regulate and bring the optimal temperature for your fish.

What makes your tank overheat?

There are two factors can lead to the over-heat of your aquarium:

Firstly, all the equipment you are using such as canister filters, powerheads, hang-on filters, wavemakers, and water pumps can generate heat. The more capacity, the more heat is produced.

Secondly, the reason is the aquarium light system. All the bulbs are release heat to warm the water. But LED light will provide less heat than other bulbs.

Sometimes, the heat up of the aquarium can also due to the sudden change of weather. However, the chiller can solve almost these problems.

How does an aquarium chiller work?

The heat exchange process of an aquarium chiller is: the chiller takes the heat from the water of the tank and transfers it to the outside environment. A chiller has 4 main parts such as the heat exchanger, expansion valve, the compressor and the condenser coil.

The cooling process will begin with a heat exchanger that will absorb the heat from the water. Then the compressor will pump the refrigerant vapour to the condenser. The refrigerant will be kept in the condenser tubes and then it is blown through the hot condenser coil by a fan.

Where you should place your chiller?

Almost chiller devices are compact and take less space. Placing your chiller in the area that enough airflow for the chiller releases the heat. If you place the chiller in the enclosed space, it may cause a less effective chiller and wastes a lot of energy.

Best gravel vacuum: Jeeco 5 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaner vs Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

If you are looking for an incredible tool that helps you remove fish waste and debris from the aquarium without the hauling buckets, keep you substrate cleaner and safer for your fish during routine maintenance, then the best gravel vacuum is certainly what you need.

We come up here 2 best aquarium gravel that you should look over to avoid wasting time on many different vacuums cleaner out there: Jeeco 5 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaner vs Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

To save your time, we recommend that you should choose Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner. Although it is not quite as top-notch as Jeeco and does not have lots of extra functions it does a great job, super budget-friendly devices and durable.

 #1 Gravel Guard

It is important to know whether or not the vacuums have gravel guards. Because a vacuum cleaner would endanger your tank occupants during the cleaning program.  You will not want your small fish to get sucked up into the fish tank vacuum. A gravel guard helps prevent this.

Jeeco vacuum allows you to siphon dirty water, clean your plants, and suck up all the particles that built up in the tank substrate and excess food while protecting your fish from siphon pressure. This is due to the built-in filter basket net that prevents the check valve is blocked by gravel and keeps smaller fish from getting sucked up into the tube.

Zacro gravel cleaner is incredibly safe for your fish thanks to a gravel guard. It can protect your fishes from scare while replacing the water.

#2 Easy to use

There is a large suction balloon on the tube of Zacro gravel cleaner; all you need to do is slightly squeeze this suction balloon so that the water can suck up. The tip is the direction of the drain must be downward. It also comes with a clamp for clipping the tubing to keep the pump and cleaner hassle-free. Zacro gravel cleaner includes the faucet that allows control of the water flow and works well for gravel cleaning.

Jeeco offers the air-pressing button that has strong suction, can allow one-hand operation easily. The water flow clamp can help you control the water flow and fix the pipe.

You just need to connect the inlet and outlet pipe, then press the Air-pressing Button to create a siphon and the water will come into the bucket automatically.

Jeeco is 5 in 1multifunctinal: Water changing, sand-washing, and excrement absorbing, raking sand, and scraping algae.

Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei in All England last 8

Today(Mar 2018), Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei in All England last 8. This will be their 40th encountered !

About Lee Chong Wei
Datuk Lee Chong Wei (born in Georgetown, Penang; October 21, 1982) is a professional badminton player from Malaysia.

Lee is a silver medalist in both the 2012 and 2008 Olympic Games, becoming the first Malaysian to reach the final of the men’s singles event and ending Malaysia’s Olympic medal drought since 1996.

As a singles player, Lee was ranked first worldwide on August 21, 2008. He is the third Malaysian men’s singles shuttler after Rashid Sidek and Roslin Hashim to achieve such a ranking (since official rankings were first kept in the 1980s), and is the only Malaysian shuttler to hold the ranking for more than two weeks.


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Recent Achievements
Year Tournament Achievement
2012 Olympic Games Runners-up
2012 Malaysia Open Grand Prix Winner
2012 India Open Runners-up
2012 All-England Open Runners-up
2012 Malaysia Open Winner
2012 Korea Open Winner
2011 French Open Winner
2011 Denmark Open Runners-up
2011 Japan Open Runners-up
2011 World Championships Runners-up
2011 Indonesia Open Winner
2011 Malaysia Open Grand Prix Gold Winner
2011 India Open Winner
2011 All-England Open Winner
2011 Malaysia Open Winner
2011 Korea Open Winner
2010 Asian Games Guangzhou Runners-up
2010 Commonwealth Games India Winner
2010 Japan Open Super Series Winner
2010 BWF World Championships Quarter-Finalist
2010 Macau Open GP Gold Winner
2010 Malaysia Open GP Gold Winner
2010 Indonesia Super Series Winner
2010 Singapore Open Super Series Quarter-Finalist
2010 All England Super Series Winner
2010 Malaysia Open Super Series Winner
2010 Korea Super Series Winner

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That’s how national shuttler Lee Chong Wei (pic) described his shock second-round loss to qualifier H.S. Prannoy of India in the Indonesian Open. The 10-21, 18-21 loss in the US$1mil (RM4.3mil) Superseries at the Jakarta Convention Centre in Jakarta …
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Indonesia Open: HS Prannoy stuns Lee Chong Wei, Kidambi Srikanth shocks Jan O Jorgensen to enter quarters
Zee News
25 Indian, who went into the match with a 0-2 head-to-head record, saw off three-time Olympic silver medallist Lee 21-10 21-18 in a 40-minute men’s singles contest at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). “Lee looked ordinary today and I took my chances.

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Live Indonesia SSP, badminton scores and updates: HS Prannoy wins first game against Lee Chong Wei; Srikanth …
It just took 14 minutes for Prannoy to put himself in the driving seat in this pre-quarter-final clash against six-time Indonesia Open champion Lee Chong Wei. Superb drives from the forecourt enabled the Indian shuttler to deceive Lee, who was …
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Chong Wei made to sweat in opener
Daily Express
Kuala Lumpur: Datuk Lee Chong Wei was made to slog before reaching the second round of the Indonesia Open on Wednesday. The 35-year-old struggled to adapt to the conditions on court but quickly found his rhythm to see off Indonesia’s Tommy Sugiarto …

A Few Days Ago:

The Indian Express

Indonesia SSP: HS Prannoy blanks Anthony Sinisuka Ginting; faces top seed Lee Chong Wei next
Jakarta: Indian shuttler H S Prannoy advanced to the second round of the men’s singles competition with a straight-game win over local hope Anthony Sinisuka Ginting at the Indonesia Super Series Premier on Wednesday. File image of HS Prannoy. Twitter/ …
Kidambi Srikanth, HS Prannoy reaches second round of Indonesian OpenThe Indian Express
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Kidambi Srikanth, HS Prannoy Enter Second Round of Indonesia

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KUALA LUMPUR, June 11 — Lee Chong Wei seems to be in an upbeat mood and this spells trouble for his rivals. The appointment of his sifu, Misbun Sidek, …
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KUALA LUMPUR: There’s no short cut in training under new national men’s singles head coach Datuk Misbun Sidek. This is world No. 3 Lee Chong Wei’s (pic) warning to the juniors, having trained under Misbun from 1999-2011. “I’m so happy that my former …
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Is Misbun on the verge of becoming Chong Wei’s coach again …
After six years of separation, Misbun Sidek is on the verge of sealing a return to Badminton Association of Malaysia to specifically become Datuk Lee Chong …
Misbun is back in BAM as coach | Sports | Malay Mail OnlineMalay Mail Online

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Chong Wei can set record as shuttler with most Indonesian Open …
The Star Online
PETALING JAYA: Lee Chong Wei hopes to be in “seventh heaven” at the Indonesian Open in Jakarta next week.
Indonesia Open: Lee Chong Wei Rooted to Defend
Lee Chong Wei wants to break Ardy Wiranata, Taufik Hidayat’s …International Business Times, Singapore Edition

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Once bitten, twice shy
The Star Online
PETALING JAYA: Skipper Lee Chong Wei has issued a rallying cry to the national badminton team to turn the tables on Japan in the quarter-finals of the Sudirman Cup in Gold Coast, Australia. Malaysia had lost 3-2 to Japan in their final Group C tie in …

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