How To Store Flour And Sugar?

Are you upset because you do not understand why your sugar jar keeps flowing or there are ants inside? Or the flour is always damp and moldy after a period of storage.

Refer immediately to the way of preserving sugar and flour for a long time, not going bad, not afraid of insects penetrating in this content.

Storing food properly is just as important as buying the right food. If you don’t store the food correctly, it will reduce the shelf life of the product and lose some nutritional value. Eating or cooking with damaged products will not give you any health benefits and may even make you sick, wasting your time on money. So let’s jump into it.

How to store flour and sugar?

How to store flour long term?

Flour is a familiar ingredient in our family. But flour is easy to get moldy or unpleasant smell due to improper storage. The flour is usually packed in paper packaging and people put it in the dresser. But this can reduce flour’s shelf life. For flour, you must keep in the refrigerator or freezer. Never leave flour at room temperature, because high oil content will make it rancid. In addition, it is best to use flour within a few months after purchase.

Flour can be stored in cloth bags or paper bags, glass or plastic containers. If you buy flour in a small package, you can put it in the refrigerator, but only before it is opened. Then it should be poured into an airtight container.

If you plan to store long-term flour, it should be dried beforehand. To do this, pour the flour on a clean sheet of parchment or tablecloth and even a thin layer. After a few days, the flour can be removed for storage. If you only have a few pounds of flour, pour it into a cloth bag or glass jar.

The flour can be stored in normal plastic bottles when you traveling. They are tightly sealed and easy to move. If you don’t like narrow necks, and you need easy access to the flour, you can pour the product into a plastic container with a lid. There you can also leave a plastic ladle or a convenient sieve.

How to store sugar long term?

To keep the sugar granules dry, you should put sugar in the jar and cover it tightly, if you put it in a plastic bag, you should tie the bag tightly. Remember to clean the sugar particles around the bag or jar to avoid the ants which will be able to penetrate the jars and sugar bags.

In addition, you also need to place sugar jars in cool places, put in refrigerators, do not place in wet places, dark places, dirty places, such places are often make the sugar easy to go bad, flowing and metamorphosis.

When your sugar jar is filled with ants inside, you just need to put a knife or piece of iron in the jar, the ants will automatically crawl out.

Note that you need to clean knives or pieces of iron and leave them dry and then put in the jar, avoid getting dirty or watery. If not they may still get the ants out of the jar but also will make the sugar dirty and wet.

When sugar is clumped, you put a slice of bread and apples in the sugar jar, a short time later, the sugar will no longer be clumped.