Fluval Aquavac Plus vs EHEIM Quick Vac Pro

For fish owners, keeping an aquarium with lively little fishes swim around is the hobby that helps them reduce stress. But keeping aquariums will come with some maintenance work that has to be done. One of them is gravel cleaning.

Cleaning fish tank gravel is the most daunting task because it may tank lots of your time and effort. Luckily, there are available some of best aquarium gravel vacuum that can do this job for you.

And this post will help you to compare two aquarium gravel vacuums: Fluval aquavac plus vs Eheim quick vac pro.

#1 EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner

This model is designed optimally for gravel cleaning, not water changing as well. If you are looking for equipment that can do well for just cleaning the gravel, then EHEIM quick vac pro may be the best choice.

Using battery:

This model run by battery power, which means you can use it even when there is no electric source nearby and you just changing batteries when it ran out. There are also batteries included when buying.


EHEIM quick vac pro is designed to catch even the smallest waste and debris particulates. This model really does its job very well and effective in cleaning the gravel.

It uses the super-fine mesh cartridge to clean not only the normal debris but also the smallest debris that lies between the gravel and so hard to be removed.

No disturbance:

Although the power of this model is strong enough to remove all dirt part particles but it does not cause too much disturbance and make your fish stress during the cleaning process

Not a fish tank water changer: This model work by remove all the debris contained in the water and hold this debris and water inside of it. Then return the clean water back to the tank. So it is not a water changer.

#2 Fluval Aquavac Plus


This model does not have suction capabilities as powerful as EHEIM quick vac pro. Fluval aquavac plus mainly designed for small size tank. With the smaller size tank, it also can do the job well.

Changing water:

This comes with an automated water change system. Including 4 foots hose, led you to change water to a bucket easier.

Using C batteries:

Included two C batteries when buying and cordless operation.