Tips For Using Dragon Bedding

Bedding is the layer that you line at the floor of your bearded dragon’s tank. Not only bring a sense of comfort for your pet when walk on, but dragon bedding also can help you maintain the humidity levels or even control the odor in the tank.

Your bearded dragon will spend almost all the time in the tank and interact with the bedding, so it should ensure perfectly safe and suits your pet. Also, you have to know the proper ways to use these bedding. This post will help you do it right and make it no longer a difficult task for you anymore.

Why your bearded dragons need bedding?

Bedding or it has known as “substrates” is the materials place in the bottom of the tank. It makes bearded dragon enclosure look more pretty natural and like the environment surrounding in the wild of bearded dragons. Furthermore, bedding also offers some other important purposes.

If you do not provide your pet the best bedding for bearded dragons, they will have to walk, lay, play and doing all their activity on the glass bottom of the tank. This does not only cause discomfort to your pets but also adverse to their feet. Bearded dragon prefers live with the bedding that mimics their natural habitat.

The bedding also has an advantage as a heat sink, which helps you regulate the temperature in the tank. Bedding can dose the same things for humidity. You can spray the water for bedding, and when the water in bedding is evaporated, the humidity levels will increase.

Proper way to using bearded dragon bedding

Bearded dragons prefer to dig and burrow. In captivity, they will do the same with their bedding. It is good for them, allow them to act and having fun. However, it also leads to the risk that your bearded dragon will eat their bedding and you have to do something to avoid this:

Should not use loose substrate for the baby bearded dragons because they more likely to eat it and the possibility of obstruction is much higher than adults.

Place the food on the food bowl or in the area where you do not have bedding to avoid bearded dragon eating the bedding.