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Prices are per pound, unless otherwise noted.

Firm Styles

Tumalo Tomme®
16.50 cut to order / 15.50 by the wheel
wheel approc 3 1/2 #
A unique unpasteurized mountain-style cheese. Aged and rubbed on pine planks in our cellar, its natural crust shades from ivory to orange; the body has slight openings; the flavor is frank, deep – reflecting our pastures, forages and high-desert environment; named after the tomme  style of the French Alps and Tumalo, a village near our farm on the east side of the Cascade Mountains.

Cumin Tomme
16.50 / 15.50

Toasted cumin seeds in the body of the cheese compliments the earthy flavor of our tomme.

17.50 / 16.50
A cooked curd cheese, similar in style to an aged Pecorino; very firm; fruity, nutty and velvety flavors; made from unpasteurized goats milk; aged minimum 9 months.

Farmer’s Cheese 14.00 / 13.00
A pressed round, somewhat like jack; wheels are 4#, made with unpasteurized goat’s milk, then cold-aged minimum 60 days; the flavor is mildly sweet; melts well and compliments other flavors – good for sandwiches, or firm enough to be shaved.

Gruyère by Goat
Cut to order 18.50

Unpasteurized, firm and dense like a French alpine cheese, made with goat milk; makes a great grilled cheese sandwich. May not always be available – ask us.

Raw Milk Goat Feta
6 – 10 oz packages @ .85 per oz.
Firm, yet silky too; aged 60 days in whey brine; vibrant and mellow flavor comes from our farmstead fresh milk.

Surface Ripened Styles

6 1/2 oz. 9.50
A mold-ripened log in a beautiful presentation with wheat straw through the middle;  the characteristic wrinkly rind , which is traditional for aged farmstead chèvres, gives this cheese a creamy and complex flavor.

Otentique® 5 oz. disc 7.00
Mildest of our mold ripened cheeses ; at 10 weeks of age it is fully ripe.

6.5 oz. 9.50

A mold-ripened cheese in an elegant pyramid shape; the rind is delicate and edible; its flavor gradually evolves and reaches its peak at 8-10 weeks of age.

Thor’s Special Smoked Crottin®
5 oz. 7.50
A young chèvre that we smoke over maple wood; our dense hand-ladled cheese takes on a delicate and perfectly complimentary light bronze exterior.

Fromage blanc: literally “white cheese”, it has a fresh, vibrant taste and is excellent used as a complement to other ingredients; comes plain or with fresh perennial herbs and garlic that we grow in our herb garden.

Chèvre 5 oz. 6.50
Plain-Pepper-Cumin/coriander or herbes de provence

We have always hand-ladled our chèvre; it makes for a firm, dense, silky smooth texture. The taste is mild and not goaty, because of our special cultures and the quality of our raw goat’s milk.  We also add fresh ground black pepper, toasted cumin and coriander and herbes de provence to the outside of our 5 oz. discs.  They are vacuum packed and have a shelf life of at least 90 days.

Dutchman’s Flat®
18.50 / 17.50 (wheel appr 1 1/2#
Mold-ripened chèvre in a 8” by 2” wheel;  very delicate wrinkly rind covers a creamy interior and has an ashed exterior and center; named after the snow covered plain below Mt. Bachelor.

Silver Dollar:  about the same diameter as its namesake and 1 oz. in weight; thin, wrinkly rind over a medium aged, mild chèvre; perfect for individual portions and salads

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