This year I am a part of several huge box set collections from NY Times and USA Today best selling authors. The first box set includes my novel Fractured Light plus twenty other YA and NA novels! This collection is packed with full-length, spellbinding reads sure to keep you keep you on the edge of your seat and up way past your bedtime!

This box set is available to pre-order for the crazy price of only $0.99! Even better, if you order now, you can also get extra points to win a $50 Amazon gift card from the authors of the set. Just check out the rafflecopter giveaway below.

We will be announcing the winner on launch day, April 5th! Good luck!


The bestselling Edge young adult box set includes Waken, book one in the Woods of Everod Series, by Angela Fristoe. This is just one of 20 page-turning, full length novels for only $.99! Order your copy today!

After years of abuse and eventual abandonment, Janie wants to forget her parents ever existed. Moving to her mom’s hometown of Everod doesn’t make that easy. Until she meets Tristan. The feelings he ignites within her are almost enough to make her ignore all of the weird things he says. Almost enough to ignore the way the entire town seems ready to pounce on her as if she were fresh meat.

Almost, though, isn’t enough when Janie finally discovers what the town is hiding. The people of Everod have been waiting for Janie and if she hopes to survive, she’ll need to confront the truth of who and what she really is.

Other novels by Angela Fristoe

Author Bio

Angela grew up in Alberta, Canada. She dreamed of becoming the next Dian Fossey or Jane Goodall, until she realized she wasn’t all that keen on the outdoors or animals. Instead, she went into education, focusing on elementary education and helping struggling readers. Her passion for writing grew gradually after being ignited by The Hunger Game and Twilight crazes. Angela lives in Washington with her husband and daughter where she is pursuing her Master’s degree while continuing to write and serve as an instructional coach.

EDGE: A Young Adult / New Adult Paranormal Collection

Twenty of today’s favorite YA & NA authors have come together to bring you a collection packed with full-length, spellbinding reads sure to keep you keep you on the edge of your seat and up way past your bedtime!

READER BEWARE: These novels take everything to the edge–and not just the edge of your seat. With authors who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, you get stories that take everything to limit, creating whimsical reads that teens can actually relate to and that adults can enjoy, too.


Wicked Legends, a collection of bestselling novels, introduces Dragonblood: Box of SecretsThis is just one of 20 page-turning, full length novels for only $.99! Order your copy today!

Piper has learnt three things:

Never trust your parents.
The supernatural world exists.
Watch out for Wednesdays.

Six months after her father’s disappearance, Piper takes delivery of a mysterious box, and soon afterwards, a weird-looking boy begins to stalk her. A hidden letter and a chance meeting lead her to new friends who want to help. But to get answers, Piper must leave the life she thought to be real behind, and accept that her new friends are not the only ones with secrets; her father kept the biggest one of all.

Author Bio

Raquel Lyon lives in England, up north where it’s very cold and usually raining, and some of her favourite places in and around Pendle Hill have been the inspiration for her books’ settings. She comes from an arty family of painters and musicians, although her tendency always ran towards patchwork and flower arranging. Now she makes up stories. She writes YA fantasy and NA contemporary romance. Her heroines are kinda kooky, her heroes slightly devilish, and her romance a bit on the raunchy side. If the sun is out, so is she. She has a crazy sugar addiction and eats ice cubes as if they’re going out of fashion.


Wicked Legends, a collection of bestselling novels, introduces VerityThis is just one of 20 page-turning, full length novels for only $.99! Order your copy today!

The war is over, but the rain continues, day and night. The rebel faction, Verity, enlists Maddox to safely guide assassin Allana, out of the city. No problem. He’ll escort her, get paid, and return to his life. But the more he learns about the mysterious and beautiful assassin, the more she intrigues him. With the world falling apart around them, they must decide if they can trust each other despite the deceptions they face. If they can’t, they’ll die.

Author Bio

Kerry loves history and spends large amounts of time wondering about people who lived and walked on Earth in the past.

In addition to writing, she’s a college instructor, costumer, painter, and editor. Her new love is her Mini Cooper Convertible, Sheldon, and they have already gone on many adventures. Her family currently has seven cats (two Bengals and five rescues), a panther chameleon, a lionhead miniature bunny, and a leopard gecko.


Wicked Legends, a collection of bestselling novels, introduces Redd’s DescentThis is just one of 20 page-turning, full length novels for only $.99! Order your copy today!

Celtic folklore warns its people not to enter the Dark Woods at night if you want to live to see the light of day. For Redd Kearney, he has no choice after the death of his grandmother at the hands of the vicious, mythical half-breed creatures. But what he finds is way worse than any childhood legend ever could have warned him about.

Finding himself chained up in the creature’s den, he has two choices: surrender to her evil to stay alive, or die resisting. But the stakes are high when he has a new travel companion whose virtue he needs to keep intact, and when his wife Aine’s life is threatened if he doesn’t comply and give the Alpha what her pack needs to survive.

Can Redd surrender to his dark side without losing himself in the process? Or will Mac’s dark, insatiable desires cause his full descent before he has time to escape?

Redd’s Descent is a dark retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, where roles are reversed and the big bad wolf literally means to eat her victim alive.

Author Bio

C.M. Albert is an international bestselling author who enjoys living dangerously on the razor’s edge as both an author and copy-editor. Her writing infuses a healthy blend of humor and romance, along with a splash of magic from time to time. She’s a sucker for a good villain and everlasting love. In her spare time, she and her husband wrangle their two young kids and enjoy spending time outdoors. When not writing, editing, or kid wrangling, C.M. Albert is also a Reiki practitioner, chocolate chip cookie aficionado, kindness ambassador, and seeker of naps.

Wicked Legends: A Dystopian Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection

A boxed set unlike any other before it, filled with the perfect blend of Dystopian, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, and SciFi Romance.

Every selection in this rare, limited edition collection is a full-length novel or novella, including some BRAND NEW material from today’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors!

If you’re looking for a boxed set overflowing with variety, this collection will satisfy your cravings with sorcery, genies, necromancers, space pirates, shifters, and more! Travel to new worlds or discover ones hidden right beneath your nose when you order your copy of WICKED LEGENDS today!


Wicked Legends, a collection of bestselling novels, introduces The NightThis is just one of 20 page-turning, full length novels for only $.99! Order your copy today!

Kinsley will do anything to forget she may have killed someone.

No one knows more than Kinsley Lane that nothing good happens when the dead walk free. A year ago, she was possessed by a ghost and her life forever changed.

Luckily, on this All Hallows’ Eve, the witches of Harker Heights have offered her protection from the dead spirits who will roam free. Mac Harker is appointed her guardian and everything goes smoothly, until a mysterious guy arrives on the grounds. One that only Kinsley can see.

Mac is determined to protect her from Charming, leaving Kinsley torn between wanting his protection and the strong pull to a guy who won’t even tell her his real name. She must make a choice; the one she makes leads to the biggest heartbreak, and greatest love she’s ever known.

All over the course of one night. 

Author Bio

Natasha Larry was born and is now a total nerd. She is the author of the YA series, Darwin’s Children and the upcoming NA title, Silenced. When not writing she’s hanging out with her awesome daughter and trying to accept that she’s not Batman. Yet…


It has been way too long since I blogged! That’s what happens when I write a lot so I guess that’s a good thing.

The first half of this year has gone by way too fast! I released the fourth Devil Series novel, The Devil, plus the third in the Original Series, Saving Eden. This summer I will have at least three new releases.

The prequel to the Devil Series, Charlie’s story, titled What Devil’s May Come will be released in the Potions and Poisons Box Set in July. Also in July, I will release A Hero’s Death, the first novel in the Aris Crow Vampire Legend series. I really hope readers enjoy this series! It’s been a pet project of mine for a long time!!

I hope to update my blog soon with what’s going on in my life besides all this boring writing stuff, but until then, I hope you are all well!


I’ve lived beneath the streets all my life while a growing darkness overtook the city I love. I’ve watched the people suffer, I’ve smelled their fear, and heard their cries for mercy. All under the control of the man who murdered my parents.

The police have failed them. The justice system has failed them.

It’s my turn now.

The city doesn’t need another hero. They need a monster.


Steps to clean your Laminate Floors

The best way to clean laminate floors is not the same method you would use to make hardwood floor shine. Laminate floors need care because the surface cannot be refinished in the box of stains or damage. To avoid pricey replacements, it\’s important to maintain your floors and treat them with care. Whether you have new laminate floors or just want your existing surface to look good, they are installed, here is how to clean them. Also visit the link below for the top 10 best vacuums for laminate floors.

Discover how to clean your laminate floors in a few simple steps to keep them looking pristine and gleaming for years to come.

#1 Read the Instructions

It is always recommended to read or consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your floors, before buying your laminate floor. Some brands have specific recommendations based on the materials type used. Most companies have detailed product guides and instructions on how to clean laminate floors to make them shine, these instructions can be found on their websites.

#2 Tackle Spills as They Happen

In order to avoid stains, the best strategy is to clean the spills immediately. Liquids can laminate floors, so it’s critical to minimize exposure to them.

#3 Use flexible tools

Laminate floors may scratch, so you will need to use a soft bristle broom or dust mop to sweep debris. If you are vacuuming, be sure to use an accessory without a threshing bar or rotating brush, which could scratch the surface.

#4 Avoid using too much water

Traditional cleaning of laminate floors is prohibited as water can seep into joints and cause damage. Fortunately, you can clean this type of soil easily with a slightly damp microfiber mop.

#5 Skip the cleaning products

Ordinary cleaning products can leave traces and residue or damage the protective sealant of the floors. If you use a laminate cleaner, do it sparingly and apply it to the mop or microfiber cloth rather than directly to the floor. Never use wax or polish on laminate floors.

#6 Reach common household items

For stubborn stains such as candle wax or ink, the best cleaning methods are at your fingertips. Apply a plastic ice bag to the chewing gum and candle wax and remove it with a knife, scraper or credit card once cured. Apply alcohol paint, ink, nail polish and pencils.

#7 Protect the surface

In order to prevent future scratches, you should add furniture pads under the legs of chairs and tables. Area rugs and rugs, especially near entrances, will also help prevent wear and tear.

As mentioned above, do not use cleaning tools or scratch-resistant products, but do not soak the laminate in water and do not leave puddles on the surface.

If you follow these steps, you will enjoy your beautiful bright and clean laminate floors for years. If you wish to learn more about cleaning your laminate floor. You also continue reading here for more tips on how to clean laminate floors.