Best chinchilla bedding: Is fleece bedding good for chinchillas?

It is obvious that our chinchilla’s cage has to have a liner or bedding. If you are looking for the best chinchilla bedding, you will know that fleece is one of the most popular choices. However, there are many chinchilla owners doubt about the safe of fleece. Should we place fleece in chinchilla cage?

This post is some information, as well as pros and cons of fleece, so you all can make informed decisions about whether you would like to use fleece or not.

#1 Is fleece safe for chinchillas?

As long as your chinchillas do not chew or swallow fleece, it is totally safe for them. Fleece liners completely replace the bedding in your pet’s cage and create a cozy, comfortable, soft surface for your pets to jump and walk on. It won’t hurt your chinchilla’s feet unless it’s used incorrectly in the chinchilla cage.

In order to avoid your chinchilla eat the fleece liner, you should give them extra chew toys and cage accessories. It is very rarely for chinchillas to chew on their fleece cage lining. But if it is happened, you have to stop using fleece as soon as possible.

#2 Pros of fleece

First, fleece bedding will make the good appear for your cage since it come with many different colors and pattern, which allow you to color-coordinate your cage with matching accessories. It is nicer looking than other bedding.

Fleece also does not mesh up the cage and your room like shavings. It is dust-free so there are no shavings to make their way outside of your cage. It is not only easy to clean but also good for respiratory system of chinchillas.

Moreover, fleece is reusable and washable for next time use. So it may cost less in the long run, if you wash them at home.

#3 Cons of fleece

There is the fact that fleece s a 100% synthetic product. It’s made from a kind of plastic called polyester so it is not good at absorb. It is even not higher absorbent than shavings. Due to this, it also not a good odor control bedding. Fleece cannot keep the fresh smell in the cage for long.

You will have to wash it once or twice per week, so you should have 2 fleeces to replace when washing one.

You also should change the fleece liner for once a month. If it not changed frequently enough, there is the possibility for chinchillas to get infections from bacteria in the liners.

What are the best homemade rat bedding?

The rat bedding is not very expensive but you also can save noticeable amount of money over the course of a year. For those who are tight on a budget or if you have a large number of rats, it is a great choice to make your own bedding.

Not only that, recycling things around you to use as bedding is the good way to protect environment because you can compost the soiled bedding later. Aside from best rat bedding that are sold on the market, homemade bedding also should be considered.

#1 Newspaper & paper

You can lay newspaper or paper in the bottom of the cage but it is better, softer to be torn into thin strips.  You can shred it by hand or use the shredder. If you use newspaper, ensure that it is printed with soy ink for the safety of your rats as some ink can be toxic when ingested.

The benefit of paper is that it creates very little dust, allow rat to dig or burrow into them. However, it is not very good at absorbent.

#2 Toilet Tissue & Paper Towels

If you are looking for the comfortable and super soft bedding, then this is what you need. You probably have plenty of supplies already. Apart from plain white toilet or kitchen paper torn into thin strips forms, you can also let your rat tear it themselves and having fun.

However, the drawback is that toilet tissue and paper towels cannot last for long, and you may have to replace them frequently.

#3 Cloth

Cloth is also the material that always available around you. You can take old t-shirts and pants and then cut them into strips, place in the rat cage. Remember to use the fabric that doesn’t have a lot of loose threads.

Cloth can also be washed and reused. Take all the small pieces of cloth into the mesh laundry bag and then wash with washing machine. It will creates a soft and dust free bedding.

#4 Cardboard

Old cartons, egg boxes or the tubes from toilet paper can be tear and use for rat bedding. It is not create the perfect comfortable bottom for your rat but it absorb very well. Tearing the cardboard into small pieces about two inches and place into the rat cage.

What Is Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage?

Choosing the right cage for guinea pigs is absolutely one of the most important factors that keep your guinea pigs stay happy and healthy.  There are many different types of cages out there, and of them is multi level guinea pig cage.

Whether you are a new owner of guinea pigs or you are those who want to upgrade your guinea pig to a better cage with more additional features. This multi level cage may meet your needs and better suited for your pets.

 What is multi level cage for guinea pig?

Some guinea pigs cages are multi level, it is from 2 to 5 levels that are connected by wide ramps. If you are keeping excitable of guinea pig or you want to keep more guinea pigs but limited in space, multi level cage might be the ideal cage for your home. This also allows your pets can observe from a high vantage point.

The multi level cage also has the extra tall ceilings, which make more open space and add space enough for even the largest of guinea pigs.

Your guinea pigs will have more room for both play and living space without taking up more floor space. This type of cage particularly suitable for the guinea pigs that enjoy climbing on multi level platforms.

The drawback of multi level cage for guinea pig

Not every guinea pig will prefer to climb on multi level. Some of them are less agile than others. So it is a risk that your guinea pigs fall from a level that is too high and get hurt.

Make sure that your pets would like to climb and choosing the multi level cage that contains the curved safety ramp.

There are also some guinea pigs that scare of heights; you should not choose the cage with much of level for them.

What watt should a basking bulb be for bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons need heat and light to be healthy, happy, stimulate digestion, keep warm and also help them regulate their day and night cycles. They are, after all, desert animals and their enclosure habitat should reflect that.

Provide the right wattage of basking bulb is key to healthy bearded dragons. But not all basking bulbs are made equally with the proper wattage. If you are looking for the best basking bulb for bearded dragons, keep reading this post.

#1 How many watts does a basking bulb should be?

The higher the wattage, the more heat the bulb emit. If you’re wondering how many watts you need to produce the right temperature in your bearded dragon’s, unfortunately, there is no exactly answer bulb but I can tell you some general guidelines.

For basking area, you could use either halogen, fluorescent, or ceramic bulbs. Although there are some factors will affect the tank temperature, general number to aim for is ranging from 75 to 100 watts. Usually, 75-watts work just fine. It is the safe watts if you use the standard Halogen bulb.

Fluorescent heat bulbs work similar to the halogen ones, so you just need to purchase on 75 watts Fluorescent bulb to do the great job. It is also save on energy and sometimes last longer.

Ceramic bulbs will provide heat only and no light, that means it will do the work of heating more effective than other with less wattage. If you want to use Ceramic bulbs, it is better to get 50 watts ceramic bulb is warm enough.

These wattage above are excellent place to get start as they are power enough to hep up most tanks, but they won’t burn your bearded dragon.

#2 Things to consider when it comes to heat bulb wattage

The first thing that will affect the tank temperature and bulb wattage is the tank material. For example. If your tank is made of wood, it will retain heat much better than the glass ones. Due to this, it does not require high wattages heat build.

You’ll also need to consider the size of the tank. My tank is 40 gallon terrarium and I use 75 watts halogen bulb to maintain the tank temperature. However, If you are keeping under 20 gallon tank, I would like recommend you to use just 60 watts heat bulb for your tank is enough to works great.

What To Consider When Buying A Reptile Thermostat?

One of the most important aspects when keeping reptiles is maintained the correct temperature within their vivarium. If they get too cold, they will become sluggish and may even stop eating. If they get too hot, they may overheat and dead.

Therefore, you have to often monitor and keep an eye on the temperature insider the tank. It is not simple as turn on a heat source and walks away. The temperature outside the tank will affect and change the temperature inside.

Reptiles cannot against the fluctuations in temperature very well. This is why you will need the best reptile thermostat which will help you simplifies everything and ensure your reptile well being. This post is some factor that you should know before purchase on the reptile thermostat.

Which type of heater you are using?

There is not only one type of thermostat available and some thermometer designed for compatibly with only one heater. For example, a pulse thermostat can only be used for a heater that does not emit light such as a ceramic bulb.

It is essential to consider your type of heater before buying the best reptile thermostats. However, you can purchase the superior and more expensive devices of the dimmer thermostat, which is very versatile and can be used for all sorts of heaters.

The temperature range that your reptiles require

Different types of reptiles will require a different temperature range. Besides, there are some lizard will need the baking area where its hottest spot in the tank meanwhile some are nocturnal and do not really need much heat to stay warm.

Moreover, the larger tank side also needs stronger thermostat. Therefore, you should ensure that the thermostat you are planning to buy has the temperature ranger that matches with your reptiles requirement.

Control multiple devices

There are some thermostats will allow you to control two devices at the same time. It is always better to get this multiple device thermostats because you can control two different sides in your tank.

Ensure that both the warmer side and colder side are in the proper temperature by connecting with both heating and cooling device.

How To Choose The Best Protein Skimmer For Your Aquarium?

There are many reasons that can make your aquarium get dirty over time such as excess food, fish wastes, or any accumulation of dirt. In order to solve these troubles, you should get the best protein skimmer.

A protein skimmer will help you remove dissolves organic compounds and harmful substrates that contain in your aquarium water.

When looking for a protein skimmer, there are some important things that you should consider.

Skimmer sizes

It is obvious that you should keep in mind the size of the skimmer because the sizes will relate to the room available that you have to install the skimmer.

The best protein skimmers should large enough to do its work well, completely cleaning the tank, but it is also should compact enough to not take lots of space.

You should use only FDA approved generics, a list of manufacturers and the best prices for Cialis generic can be found here.

If you get a too large model, it is a strong probability that you might have to change your aquarium placement to have enough space for the larger skimmers.

The type of protein skimmer

There are some different types of protein skimmer like hang on skimmers, in sump skimmers, external skimmers, in-tank skimmers.

Hang on skimmer is designed to hang on the aquarium. Due to this design, it is easier for the user to install it and also take less effort to maintain it. This is works great with an aquarium that does not have a sump.

However, you have to make sure that you have enough space outside the tank before buying this skimmer.

In-tank skimmer is designed to mount inside tank. This is will remove the water spill. However, it will take the living space of your fish inside the tank.

In sump protein is integrated with the sump of the aquarium. If you looking for the skimmer that is compact in size and does not take your aquarium space, this may be the ideal option.

External skimmers: It is will be kept separate outside the tank, cleaning the water and then take the water back to the tank.

Your budget

Normally, food quality products will come at a high price. However, if you are limit in the budget, it is better to purchase on the model with less of extra functions but also provide the good performance of cleaning water.

Tips For Using Dragon Bedding

Bedding is the layer that you line at the floor of your bearded dragon’s tank. Not only bring a sense of comfort for your pet when walk on, but dragon bedding also can help you maintain the humidity levels or even control the odor in the tank.

Your bearded dragon will spend almost all the time in the tank and interact with the bedding, so it should ensure perfectly safe and suits your pet. Also, you have to know the proper ways to use these bedding. This post will help you do it right and make it no longer a difficult task for you anymore.

Why your bearded dragons need bedding?

Bedding or it has known as “substrates” is the materials place in the bottom of the tank. It makes bearded dragon enclosure look more pretty natural and like the environment surrounding in the wild of bearded dragons. Furthermore, bedding also offers some other important purposes.

If you do not provide your pet the best bedding for bearded dragons, they will have to walk, lay, play and doing all their activity on the glass bottom of the tank. This does not only cause discomfort to your pets but also adverse to their feet. Bearded dragon prefers live with the bedding that mimics their natural habitat.

The bedding also has an advantage as a heat sink, which helps you regulate the temperature in the tank. Bedding can dose the same things for humidity. You can spray the water for bedding, and when the water in bedding is evaporated, the humidity levels will increase.

Proper way to using bearded dragon bedding

Bearded dragons prefer to dig and burrow. In captivity, they will do the same with their bedding. It is good for them, allow them to act and having fun. However, it also leads to the risk that your bearded dragon will eat their bedding and you have to do something to avoid this:

Should not use loose substrate for the baby bearded dragons because they more likely to eat it and the possibility of obstruction is much higher than adults.

Place the food on the food bowl or in the area where you do not have bedding to avoid bearded dragon eating the bedding.

Fluval Aquavac Plus vs EHEIM Quick Vac Pro

For fish owners, keeping an aquarium with lively little fishes swim around is the hobby that helps them reduce stress. But keeping aquariums will come with some maintenance work that has to be done. One of them is gravel cleaning.

Cleaning fish tank gravel is the most daunting task because it may tank lots of your time and effort. Luckily, there are available some of best aquarium gravel vacuum that can do this job for you.

And this post will help you to compare two aquarium gravel vacuums: Fluval aquavac plus vs Eheim quick vac pro.

#1 EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner

This model is designed optimally for gravel cleaning, not water changing as well. If you are looking for equipment that can do well for just cleaning the gravel, then EHEIM quick vac pro may be the best choice.

Using battery:

This model run by battery power, which means you can use it even when there is no electric source nearby and you just changing batteries when it ran out. There are also batteries included when buying.


EHEIM quick vac pro is designed to catch even the smallest waste and debris particulates. This model really does its job very well and effective in cleaning the gravel.

It uses the super-fine mesh cartridge to clean not only the normal debris but also the smallest debris that lies between the gravel and so hard to be removed.

No disturbance:

Although the power of this model is strong enough to remove all dirt part particles but it does not cause too much disturbance and make your fish stress during the cleaning process

Not a fish tank water changer: This model work by remove all the debris contained in the water and hold this debris and water inside of it. Then return the clean water back to the tank. So it is not a water changer.

#2 Fluval Aquavac Plus


This model does not have suction capabilities as powerful as EHEIM quick vac pro. Fluval aquavac plus mainly designed for small size tank. With the smaller size tank, it also can do the job well.

Changing water:

This comes with an automated water change system. Including 4 foots hose, led you to change water to a bucket easier.

Using C batteries:

Included two C batteries when buying and cordless operation.

Can You Make Best Fly Spray For Horses At Home?

Flies are not just a nuisance, they are also the reason that lead to some really serious diseases, such as pigeon fever, virus, and equine infectious anemia. For people who do not like to use harsh chemicals on their horse, homemade fly sprays can be an effective alternative to best fly spray for horses on the market.

Not only more natural and safe for horse, homemade fly spay also effective and less costly as well. These following are great receipt and the guides that will help you make your DIY fly spray.

#1 Simple receipt for natural homemade fly spray

With just one ingredient it’s perfect for those are busy or there are not available ingredient around you. The most basic and easiest homemade fly spray recipes has only 3 ingredients:


Apple Cider Vinegar

Spray bottle

A few teaspoons of liquid dish soap

You can use 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to 1 cups of water with A few teaspoons of. The dish soap helps the mixture stay for longer on the surface of the horse coat.

But if the smell of apple cider vinegar is too strong for your sensitive horse, you can dilute this mixture with higher percent of water. The less apple cider vinegar, the more often you should reapply.

#2 Best homemade fly spray recipe

If you want the fly spay recipe that work well to keep the flies away from my horses for several hours at least. This recipe just take a few extra minutes to make but it is really effective.

Spray Bottle

2 cups Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

2 cups water

1/2 Tbs. Liquid Dish Soap

1 tsp Eucalyptus oil

1 tsp Citronella oil

1 tsp Tea Tree oil

1 tsp Peppermint

This is very simple to use, you just need to add all the ingredients to the spray bottle. Shake well before apply. Spray on horses but remember that becareful to spray on their face and avoid the eyes and noise. Instead of using spray bottle, you can moisten a cloth with the spray mixture to apply it to your horse’s face with the best horse grooming brushes.

Best reptile heat mat: Zacro Reptile Heat Pad vs Zoomed Reptitherm Undertank Heater

The comfort and happiness of reptiles are partly based on a source of heat in their habitat. Reptiles are cold-blooded animals; they cannot regulate their own body temperature. This is why the external sources of heat are very important for them.

One of the best ways to provide heat for reptiles is to use the best reptile heat mat. The heat mat not only keeps your pets warm, but it also helps reptiles digest their food. There is a large supply of heat pads are available, not all of them give good performance and value for your money.

So in this post, we’ve put together two bestseller reptile heat mats with their pros and cons that you should consider. They are Zacro Reptile Heat Pad with Thermostat and Zoomed Reptitherm Undertank Heater.

#1 The size of the heat pad

Ensure that you choose the heat mat that fits with your tank. Too large or small may lead to the risk of overheating your reptiles or do not provide them enough amount of heat.

As mention above, reptiles cannot regulate their own body temperature. With the reptile heat mat, you can give them a chance to do that. Choosing the hat mat that takes 2/3 your tank bottom will create the gradient temperature inside the tank. Your reptiles will choose where they want to stay.

The Zoo Med Repti Therm Under Tank Heater is available in four sizes; from 4 x 5 inches to 18 x 8 inches. That means you will have 4 options to choose from.

Zacro Reptile Heat Pad is available at only one size: 12 x 8 inches. It will suitable for 30-40 gallons tank. Make sure that it is fitted with your tank before buying.

#2 Temperature controller thermostat

The thermostat is an extremely important device that works for control temperature of your heater as well as the temperature inside the tank,

Zacro heat pad includes its own temperature controller. This controller do a great job since it allows you to adjust the temperature at some different levels but the drawback is that it does not show the current temperature. In order to know what exactly temperature each level corresponds to, you will have to purchase on an external thermometer.

Zoomed reptitherm heat mad does not come with a built-in thermometer that means you will need to buy a thermostat controller separately. The thermostat controller will help you rest your mind when using it 24 hours per day.

#3 Heating element

Zoomed reptitherm heat pad has a solid-state nichrome heating element and uses the adhesive to attach to the bottom of the tank. It is designed for optimal heat transfer using low energy as little as 16 watts of power.

Zacro Reptile Heat Pad also use nichrome heating wire distributes heat evenly over the heating pad. It won’t make certain hot spots, instead, this head mat creates the temperature gradient inside the enclosure. It is also made of high-quality PVC, which makes it flexible and foldable.