Top 5 best portable AC for grow room

Every cannabis grower wants the best for their plants, and thus, they strive to make sure that the optimum/ideal conditions are met (humidity level, temperature, lighting, and air circulation).

Investing in a good air conditioner guarantees that plants will grow healthy and produce high yields, and that is why this article looks at the top 5 best portable air conditioners for grow rooms that can be found on Amazon.

#1 NINGPU Portable Air Conditioner, 10000 BTU

The NINGPU Portable Air Conditioner, 10000 BTU, is ETL certified and is among the best ACs in the market currently. It has a 24 hours programmable timer, LED display, and an airflow of 166CFM.

Operating the device is made easy by the controls that help you determine the temperature, fan speed, and timer settings. It has an automatic self-evaporating system; thus, no bucket is required. In 24 hours, the humidifier can get rid of around 50 pints of moisture.


  • Two fan speeds
  • Covers a floor area of 300 square feet
  • Performs three functions as a fan, humidifier, and air conditioner
  • ETL certified
  • Low noise
  • LED display
  • Easy to install
  • Powers on automatically after a power outage and resumes to the pre-set settings

#2 Black Decker BPACT14WT Portable Air Conditioner, 14,000 BTU

The Black Decker portable decker is the ideal small grow room conditioner as it efficiently covers an area of about 350 square feet. It has a three-level fan setting (low, medium, high), which can go to a low of about 65°F.

This portable air conditioner for a grow room goes into sleep mode for effective energy saving at night. It also has washable and reusable filters that can be slid out, put on running water until clean, dried out, and put back on the AC.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Has LED display
  • Performs triple functions (humidifier, fan, and air conditioner)
  • Comes with wheels for easy movement
  • Three-level fan
  • Provides consistent and effective cooling for grow rooms

#3 TCL 12PH32 12,000 BTU Heat portable-air-conditioner

The TCL 12000 BTU portable air conditioner comes with an extra heating feature that helps raise your grow room temperatures when it’s freezing. This device is small, compact, portable, and easy to install and can effectively cool/heat a 300 square foot room.

It has a reusable filter that is washed once or twice a month to reduce weed/marijuana odor, bacteria, dust, and other particles resulting in a clean, conducive, and healthier environment for cannabis plants. It also contains three fan speeds that are easily adjustable to suit the needs of the plants.


  • Fast, efficient, and noiseless cooling
  • Easy to operate the electronic controls
  • Performs four functions
  • Self-evaporating system
  • Remote controlled LED system
  • 24-hour timer
  • Very easy to use and highly portable
  • Self-restarts after a power outage

#4 Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

The Whynter Elite 12000 portable air conditioner has a stellar reputation that has seen it win the good housekeeping award for ‘best portable air conditioner to buy in 2019’. It has also been dubbed the ‘most efficient and fastest cooling portable AC’ by NY times wirecutter.

It is environmentally friendly and contains a dual hose system that helps minimize the floor space it occupies. This small grow room air conditioner comes with a washable filter and an activated carbon air filter that helps improve air quality and removes marijuana odor from the grow room.


  • Covers a floor area of 450 square feet
  • Performs four functions (humidifier, fan, heater, air conditioner)
  • Low noise levels
  • Dual hose systems
  • Washable filter
  • Activated carbon air filter
  • Remote-controlled
  • Stellar reputation

#5 Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS012A-19 (12000 BTU)

The pioneer air conditioner is the best window ac for your marijuana grow room. The Pioneer made AC entirely operates very silently, supporting cooling of 12000 BTU. If you want to grow your marijuana free of noise, then using Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS012A-19 is the best option for you.

This AC that comes from Pioneer has the best warranty –5-year coverage. Pioneer AC also has a sleek design and can effectively cover your large marijuana grow room. It comes with a detailed instruction manual to help you set up.


  • Operate silently
  • Cover a large area
  • Best warranty and technical support
  • Easy to control


Choosing any of the above air conditioners for your cannabis plant is a guarantee that your weed will be subjected to the best temperatures throughout its growth. They perform multiple functions, provide sufficient airflow, operate non-stop without a hitch, and are highly durable.

Microwave Oven vs Toaster Oven: What are the different?

Microwave oven and toaster oven have the same tasks that in the kitchen as both them can reheat food, cook food and defrost frozen food. These similar purposes make many users slightly confused about which one they should choose.

The fact that these two kitchen tools have the different appliances work and also the way they handle distinct key functions. To saving space, you do not need to have both of them in your kitchen, and this post will help you get the right one.

#1 How do a toaster oven and microwave oven work?

a toaster oven is simply a combination of a microwave and an oven. That means it can do anything that the two appliances can do. The toaster oven has the browning capabilities that allow you to brown your toasts in different shades, which a microwave oven cannot do. It also can be used for broiling, warming, or defrosting food but not the main tasks.

The main task of the microwave is allowing you to cook and warm up meals with minimal effort. However, this is not the right equipment when it comes to toasting your meals or making them crispy.

#2 Energy efficiency

These two devices have different capacity. he average microwave oven utilizes 925 watts, whereas the most energy efficient toaster ovens consume approximately 1225 watts. That means the Microwave Oven use less of energy than a Toaster oven.

Microwave oven consumes approximately 20 percent less power.

However, if you just need to cook a small meal, or on the other word you do not cook a complicate meal with high temperature, then the roaster ovens require around 1/3 or half of the amount of energy that a microwave oven uses.

#3 Toasting bread

If you purpose is prepare toasts of bread for everyday use, then the best roaster oven will be a significantly better job when it comes to toasting and browning. Microwave oven had not been designed to toasting bread. They are mainly task is for heating and cooking food.

#4 Crispy cooking

This feature is what make me bought a roaster oven instead of microwave one. crisping is a feature that the microwave cannot be able to do. The roaster oven will help crisps every meal in a healthy manner without much amount of oil.

How To Properly Use Ceramic Glue?

The best ceramic glue will help you maintain your ceramic items or repair them so they can be used again. It is an economical and simple option so that ceramic items can last for you.

If choosing a ceramic glue is not an easy job, how to use it correctly is also a problem for many people. A lot of people have never challenged themselves with how to bond ceramic materials together.

Maybe they have never had to do such work or they have not figured out the best way to do it well. Whatever the reason, put aside, we will teach you the best way to use ceramic glue for your materials.

#1 Step 1

The first thing you need to do is make sure the pieces are securely fixed so that they can be easily glued together correctly. For those who have never glued any ceramic material before this is an extremely important step.

We’ll give you a tip so you can easily fix these debris. Prepare a pot of sand to fix the largest piece of debris, then you only need to fix the small pieces to this large piece.

That is just one example that many people use, you can also use another way to fix it if you feel they are better than sand.

#2 Step 2

What you need to do next is to create epoxy glue so that the adhesive will last longer and better. This is a mixture of hardener and resin and you need to mix this mixture well to create the ideal texture.

The combination of this mixture and glue for ceramic will make the bond much more durable than normal adhesive.

However, it is important to note that after applying Epoxy adhesive to a material, it will dry very quickly, so you should quickly use glue for ceramic before it dries.

#3 Step 3

Once you’ve applied the glue to the fragments, you’ll need to hold them firmly until the glue dries. Be careful not to let the glue come in direct contact with the skin because they have a high adhesion. You should wear gloves or use tweezers to hold the debris.

When the glue has not dried, you should also quickly correct the position between the debris so that they are in the correct position.

How many amps does it take to jump start a diesel truck?

Riding distant and wild off-road trails on a truck you should be well-equipped to deal with the situation that your truck battery ceases to function properly. The best battery jump starter for diesel is a portable machine and an extension to your engine, in case it fails in operation.

Many drivers know well on how to use jump starter for their truck, but not all of them know exactly the required amps to jump-start a vehicle. This post will help you choose the tight jump starter that suit your truck’s engine size.

#1 The average amps required for most cars

It is obvious that different cars have varying engine sizes, therefore the amperage and sizes of jump starter is needed for different types of car might not be the same.

For small and standard size car, the amps required to start their engines is 400 amps. But if you have an SUV, trucks, and cars with bigger engines, the amperage to start these cars can be up to 1000 amps. That means the bigger the engine, the ore amps you will need to jump-start the vehicle. There is the great ideal if you can get the jump starter device that can be able to detect the amps required automatically.

#2 What size battery jump starter for diesel truck do I need?

There is a thing you need to know that in compared with other engine, diesel engines will need more amps to start. Normally, if you have a diesel truck, you will need at least 400 amps jump starter. And bigger diesel truck will need up to 1000 amp jump starter.

Diesel engines require significantly higher amperage more than two times than a petrol engines. The following is a rough guide for diesel engines:

Four cylinder diesel truck: 300-400A

Six cylinder diesel truck: 400-500A

Eight cylinder diesel truck: 600-700A

Due to these, you can easier consider the jump starter size you need for your truck. Consider carefully the engine size and number of cylinders your truck has.

#3 The weather impact on the amps needed

Temperature can have an enormous impact on the performance and lifetime of a battery and the jump starter as well. Due to this, the change of weather also affects the amps needed to jump start a truck. When it is colder, you will need more amps to start your cars. Therefore, I recommend you should use a jump starter at least 500 cranking amps for your diesel engine.

Vancouver Seed Bank Review: 80% germination guarantee for their seeds

It is hard to not be impressed when one looks at all of the outstanding products that Vancouver Seed Bank offers to its customers. This fact has helped the company to become one of the top Canadian Seed Banks. The strain selection that the seed bank offers is truly impressive. This makes it the perfect stop for true connoisseurs that are looking for only the best cannabis genetics available on the market. Vancouver Seed Bank certainly fits the bill when it comes to carrying only the finest possible cannabis genetics that can be found anywhere in the world.

An Outstanding Selection

Vancouver Seed Bank is known for carrying a large selection of high-quality cannabis seeds. Whether a customer is looking for non-feminized or feminized seed options, they will have no problem finding something that they like here. There are some great auto flower options on offer as well. The seed bank offers an entire section of beginner strains that are great for those that lack experience in growing these highly beneficial plants. The team at Vancouver Seed Bank also takes special orders for strains that might not be listed on their website. Their extensive access to the best strains in the world means that they will be able to get you the strain that you are looking for.

It Is Easy to Scroll Through This Impressive Cannabis Seed Selection

One of the points that sets Vancouver Seed Bank apart is the meticulous categorization of all the seed options. They are broken down into categories that make it easy to search for what you are looking for. Customers who go to the Vancouver Seed Bank website can also search by individual breeders to find the seeds that they are looking for.

The Benefit of a Germination Guarantee

An important point to add in this Vancouver Seed Bank review is that the team offers an 80 percent germination guarantee for their seeds. This germination guarantee provides customers with additional protection for the products that they purchase. The 80 percent germination guarantee is reliant on the customer using one of their two recommended methods for germinating seeds that can be found on their website. This guarantee is another way that this seed bank goes to extra effort to serve its customers.

Vancouver Seed Bank Customers Have Great Seed Options Such as These Hot Sellers

FEMINIZED AUTO GREAT WHITE SHARK – Known for its happy, calming effects and its sweet aromas.

FEMINIZED AUTO AMNESIA – A Sativa dominant strain with a potent, cerebral high.

HASH PLANT – A non-feminized strain that is ideal for producing high-quality hash.

FEMINIZED CHEMDAWG – A famed Sativa dominant strain that produces high THC content.

FEMINIZED AUTO HINDU KUSH – A strain famous for producing potent, resinous buds that have a strong hash-like taste.



Which one is more preferred: Separate grooming tools or a best horse grooming kits?

Buying separate grooming tools or a horse grooming kits is depends on your needs purposes but we recommend that you should go with the best horse grooming kits if you are a beginner and not have much experience of grooming horse, since a single purchase of tools requires knowledge and many other factors.

But weather you choose to buy separate grooming tools or a grooming kits this post will help your save a lot of time researching by giving you the necessary information to form a perfect kit.

#1 A metal curry comb vs a runner curry comb

They are both curry comb but being used differently. A rubber curry comb removes dirt, debris, and loose hair from the horse’s coat. It is brush in a circular manner.

On the other hands, a metal curry brush used to brush in the direction the hair is growing. You also can use metal curry comb to cleans the body brush. It should not be use on the sensitive areas of horse’s body such as legs or face.

#2 What is the best kind of mane comb?

We recommend that you should choose pin-type brush, with smooth, rounded plastic pins set into a flexible rubber surface to brush the horse’s mane. It is ideal to get the mane comb that has widely spaced, sturdy teeth. The Wider-spaced teeth will be gentler on hairs.

#3 What is the best hoof pick?

There are many different choice of hoof pick but the choice is easier than choosing a brush. The hoof pick will come with a hooked metal but you should get the hoof pick also includes a brush on other side.

A hoof pick use to get rid of dirt and stones that trapped under the horse’s hooves, therefor it should be made solid galvanized metal, what make it durable even sterilized with boiling water. Do not choose the hoof picks that are excessively sharp.

Best outdoor rabbit hutch: How large should the rabbit hutch with run be?

In the wild, rabbits have the large area for running, playing and foraging for food. Domesticated rabbits also should be provided an area of exercise to keep fit, stay healthy, use litter for rabbit with odor control, as well as being entertained.

This is why many rabbit owners prefer to get the outdoor rabbit hutch with run for your pets. But not all of them know exactly how big hutch should be. There are even some hutches sold out there are labelled as “large” but the true is they are not big enough.

#1 How big should a hutch and run be?

There is not the exactly size for the rabbit hutch since rabbits come with many different sizes and breeds.  The sizes of hutch also depend on the number of rabbits you are keeping and the space you have available.

However, it is the basic recipe that one to two medium sized rabbits will need hutch space of at least 1 square metre, equivalent to 6ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch, and a run area of at least 2.5 square metres, equivalent to 8ft x 4ft x 4ft run. The longest stretch of the hutch should at least be able to accommodate two rabbits lying down sequentially.

Remember that, these are just minimum measurements, and it is better If you can provide more space than this. It is also important to allow your rabbits access their run whenever they want to.

#2 What if these hutch measurements are too large?

If you have a tiny yard of garden and the ideal size of best outdoor rabbit hutch with run is too large or take almost your garden space, then you have another choice. There are lots of hutch designs out there, and to save the space while provide your pets a comfortable cage, you should choose the multiple levels hutch. The hutch with the run part is place under the enclosure and these two are linked by a ramp is ideally for your situation.

Best led lights for reef tank: Kessil A360WE Controllable Tuna Sun vs VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control

The best LED lights for reef tank not only make the reef tank look as attractive as possible but also offer the perfects light conditions for the growth of the reef. The best LED aquarium lighting should have certain features such as quality, longevity, and aesthetic appeal, etc.

Below are two quality products of LED light for a reef tank and a buying guide for you to follow if you have no idea about choosing one between many similar LED light products out there: Kessil A360WE Controllable LED Aquarium Light vs VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Dimmable 165W 300W LED Aquarium Light

#1 Size

The size is absolutely an important consideration when looking to buy the best LED lighting for your reef tank. There are some brands will offer the adjustable LED lights that allow user easily install the LED light on different reef tanks.

Kessil A360WE LED light is available in 4 adjustable sizes: 18-24 inches, 24-36 inches, 48-60 inches, and 72 inches. It provides a multitude of options for the size of the most popular tank.

VIRARSPECTRA light is available in two sizes: 16×8.5×2.4 inches that can light for 24×24 inches coverage (30 gallons tank); and 31.5 x 8.5 x 2.4 inches can lighting for 32×24” coverage (65 gallons tank).

#2 The Marine creatures in the aquarium

The types of marine creatures in your tank will affect which model of LED light you should go with. You should get the LED light that would work great for different creatures live in the reef tank. For example, the plants that are growth phase should have the maximum light.

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control LED Light with full spectrum layout is designed to provide the lighting needs for all your precious water creatures such as SPS, LPS, fish, etc.

Kessil controllable LED light Tuna Sun with very high intensity could produce a great primary nutritious light, especially for s shallow water Acropora aquarium, where does not need blue light for growth.

#3 Full spectrum

Kessil A360WE is full-spectrum LED lights that include the tuna sun bright white color ranges from a yellowish 6,000k to a flat white color in the middle, and then to a pinkish 9,000k at the other end of the spectrum.

VIPARSPECTRA is selectable full-color spectrums LED light, which offers 2 separate color channels: Blue channel and White channel, each channel will meet the different spectrum demands of the growth stage of different coral and creatures.

#4 Lighting Effects & Controllability

Kessil A360WE includes a handy remote, which allows you to control easily with a press of a button. This allows you to control both the intensity and the color temperature.

Kessil A360WE Tuna Sun LED light produces wavelengths that mimic the sun, and provide for the increased photosynthetic absorption. This light includes Kessil logic, which allows you to change the colors while maintaining the intensity of light.

VIPARSPECTRA LED light comes with the handy remote, which use to adjust the brightness of blue and white channels from 0% to 100% independently. This light offers 24 hours effect with the timer.

Best aquarium power filter: MarineLand Emperor Bio-Wheel vs Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO

In a basic aquarium set up, a fish tank filter will be a secret key that determines the success of this aquarium. The power filter keeps the water clean and circulates air through. 

The best power filter will perform the main stages of the nitrogen cycle to remove algae, nitrate, ammonia, particles suspended in the water to keep the water clean and safe for your adorable fish and plants.

Between many different brands and types of filters out there, we narrow down and introduce here two reliable power filters that will work perfectly with your aquarium: MarineLand Emperor Bio-Wheel vs Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO.

#1 Power

Before choosing any power filter, you have to ensure that it is can handle your tank by carefully reading the details about the filter power that the manufacturer offer provide on the filter box. In order to get the best result, you should buy the filer power that strong enough to handle at least 4 times water in your tank per hours

Marineland Emperor is certified to filter for 400 gallons per hour and it can be used for aquarium up to 80 gallons. Means while Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO comes with more options to choose from. 

It has 5 sizes that can work for 10 to 75 gallons tank. The capacity is large enough to handle the most common aquarium out there. It further delivers an impressive 400 gallons per hour of filtration.

#2 Filtration Media

Ideally, the power filter should include 3 filter media with at least 3 stages of filtration: mechanical, chemical, and biological.

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO provides mechanical, chemical, biological and optional, additional specialty pad filtration. This great power filter can be able to deliver the best possible performance of the filtration process. 

It also comes with 2 large Aqueon replacement cartridges for standard filtration and a specialty filter pad size of 20/75 that is important for removing the ammonia odor, water cloudiness, and debris from the water.

Marineland Emperor offers 3 filter media. The special filter pads for filtering of the water, catching any debris that might be contained in the water. It also provides the extra slots, which allow the user of adding more media installed so that filtration is even better.

The patented Bio-Wheel technology provides excellent wet/dry biological filtration for the tank. It is also good for the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Best aquarium filter for large tanks: Fluval Canister FX6 Filter VS. Marineland 350 Penguin Filter

An aquarium not only a decoration but also can bring health benefits and relations for the owners. And the larger aquarium is always better since there is more room for decorating and adding fish. Large tanks also require less effort of maintaining.

However, the larger the tank is, the more powerful a filer you will need. But if this is the first time you get to know about the filter, we will help you make the decision by introducing the two best aquarium filter for larger tank: Marineland Penguin 350 BIO-wheel Power Filter VS. Fluval Canister FX6 Filter.

#1 The filter size

The fish tank filter for a larger tank that means they are designed to handle more amount of gallon water, so they often bigger than filers for a small tank. Fluval FX6 is a canister filter; it will take more space than most other types of filters. The dimension is 11.5 x 13.5 x 9 and range to 11.5 x 20.5 x 12.

Marineland Peguin 350 is a bio-well hang on back filter, this filter will require the space to install outside the tank since it is hang on back. This filter also needs a bit more space for the wheel.

These two filters are both installed outside the tank. So before decide to buy them, you should check your blank space to ensure that the filters will fit the space that you have.

#2 Capacity

If your tank is not too big, at mid-range sized tank, then Marineland Penguin 350 is the ideal option for you. It works for aquarium up to 70 gallons in volume. It also can handle 350 gallons of water per hour.

While if you own a very large tank, will Fluval FX6 may be a better option for you. It is more costly than other devices, but it is certainly worth it. Fluval FX6 designed to uses for the tank is up to 400 gallons in volume and astounding 563 gallons per hour.

These two filers have a different capacity and handle different types of aquarium. In order to get the best results, you are recommended to use these filters for the tank size that has a smaller volume than what the filter is designated.

#3 Filtration effectiveness

Fluval FX6 Canister includes 6 stages filtration with 3 filter media: mechanical, chemical and biological. You can use it for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium.

It offers smart pump technology and self-starting features. You only need to add water, plugin and the smart pump will do its work. Including removable, stackable media baskets, each one capable of holding 5,9 liters of media.

Marineland Penguin 350 includes the bio-wheel, which is designed for optimal cycling allows beneficial bacteria to be growth in the tank. But this bio-wheel is not really great for aquatic plants.

This filter is also great to remove small particles. But larger particles will require to remove manually.