What are the difference between toys for dwarf hamsters and other breeds?

Toys are essential part that you’ll need to fill your hamster’s home. These will keep them happy and active throughout their companionship with you. However, you should be careful when choosing best toys for dwarf hamsters.

Do you know about the breed-specific toys for dwarf hamster? Dwarf breeds are smaller than other breeds, so they also have some specific requirement about their toys. You should make sure that the toys you buy are suitable for you hamster breeds.

#1 Toys size

Toys for hamsters come in various styles and sizes that are designed to serve different size and type of hamster. Syrian hamsters, also referred to as “Golden” or “teddy bear” hamsters, they are the most common breed of hamsters that are sold in most pet stores. For this reason, Hamster toys that you often find in these stores are typically meant for Syrian-sized hamster. They are larger hamsters need larger toys to accommodate their size.

Dwarf hamsters are basically miniature versions of Syrian hamsters, so Dwarf hamster toys may be different to Syrian hamster toys. Dwarf breeds may benefit from smaller toys, especially hideaway ones.

#2 Exercise wheel

Once you have an idea of what size of toys to buy, you’ll want to look for toys made specifically for your dwarf hamsters. The size problem will become very important when it comes to hamster wheel.

I you are housing have dwarf hamster, who only matures to a few inches in length, then you would want to find an exercise wheel with a smaller diameter than one that’s meant for a Syrian (standard sized), who may grow to over half a foot long.

A smaller wheel is necessary for a dwarf hammie’s safety. If you get a metal or wire exercise wheel that’s a bit too large for a dwarf, then he is at risk of getting a foot stuck while running because their foots are smaller than the gap of the bars.

#3 Hidden place

A dwarf hamster would very much prefer a smaller nesting box or hideaway, this is because a large one may not make he feel as secure. Depending on the type of dwarf hamster that you have, he may mature to less than half the size of his standard-sized counterparts.

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