Glass or Plastic: Which is the right material for small animal water bottle?

Water bottles are usually considered to be a better option than traditional water bowls as they keep water cleaner and fresher than bowls. Before making a purchase, it is important to discuss the materials in order to ensure that you are getting only the best small animal water bottle.

In general, small animal water bottles have to choose between plastic and glass units. Neither material is good for all circumstances, and they both have a different set of benefits and drawbacks.

#1 Pros of glass water bottle

Glass provides more important benefit than plastic. Most of us know that just about water tastes better out of a glass bottle than in the plastic as if keep the water fresher and it won’t retain odors the way some plastic bottles do.

Glass does not leach when it is place nearby or under the sun/heat. Plus, it’s also non-toxic and completely safe for long-term use, and it does not get moldy. As long as it’s not dropped or smashed, glass tends to be more durable than plastic. Glass water bottles are usually considered safe since they are chew-resistant especially if you are raising rodents.

Most glass bottles are even dishwasher safe. They are also easier clean than plastic as it can be wash with hot water.

#2 Cons of glass water bottle

However, glass is much heavier than plastic and it is obviously breakable, which can cause safety issues. One more downside of glass bottle is if it it is dropped, it is breakable and less likely to last a long time compared to plastic.

The biggest drawback is that the cost of a glass water bottle is generally much higher than other options.

#3 Pros of plastic water bottle

Plastic models, on the other hand, are the best if you are on a budget. Plastic water bottles are cheaper to produce than glass. Plastic seems to be the most popular water bottle in the market. Due to this, you can easy find them with varies style, color and design.

They are also lightweight, making them easy to handle and easier to mount to the side of a cavy cage. You don’t have to worry about breaking a plastic water bottle if you drop it.

#4 Cons of plastic water bottle

However, plastic water bottles can be difficult to clean especially if it is a narrow-mouthed model, and they are rarely dishwasher safe. You have to ensure that you choose the ones that are BPA-free plastic, otherwise it may the unsafe water bottle for your pet.

One of the biggest downsides to plastic water bottles is that they leach. If you are apprehend over plastics leaching chemicals, it is better to avoid plastic bottle.

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