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Best outdoor rabbit hutch: How large should the rabbit hutch with run be?

In the wild, rabbits have the large area for running, playing and foraging for food. Domesticated rabbits also should be provided an area of exercise to keep fit, stay healthy, use litter for rabbit with odor control, as well as being entertained.

This is why many rabbit owners prefer to get the outdoor rabbit hutch with run for your pets. But not all of them know exactly how big hutch should be. There are even some hutches sold out there are labelled as “large” but the true is they are not big enough.

#1 How big should a hutch and run be?

There is not the exactly size for the rabbit hutch since rabbits come with many different sizes and breeds.  The sizes of hutch also depend on the number of rabbits you are keeping and the space you have available.

However, it is the basic recipe that one to two medium sized rabbits will need hutch space of at least 1 square metre, equivalent to 6ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch, and a run area of at least 2.5 square metres, equivalent to 8ft x 4ft x 4ft run. The longest stretch of the hutch should at least be able to accommodate two rabbits lying down sequentially.

Remember that, these are just minimum measurements, and it is better If you can provide more space than this. It is also important to allow your rabbits access their run whenever they want to.

#2 What if these hutch measurements are too large?

If you have a tiny yard of garden and the ideal size of best outdoor rabbit hutch with run is too large or take almost your garden space, then you have another choice. There are lots of hutch designs out there, and to save the space while provide your pets a comfortable cage, you should choose the multiple levels hutch. The hutch with the run part is place under the enclosure and these two are linked by a ramp is ideally for your situation.

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