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Which one is more preferred: Separate grooming tools or a best horse grooming kits?

Buying separate grooming tools or a horse grooming kits is depends on your needs purposes but we recommend that you should go with the best horse grooming kits if you are a beginner and not have much experience of grooming horse, since a single purchase of tools requires knowledge and many other factors.

But weather you choose to buy separate grooming tools or a grooming kits this post will help your save a lot of time researching by giving you the necessary information to form a perfect kit.

#1 A metal curry comb vs a runner curry comb

They are both curry comb but being used differently. A rubber curry comb removes dirt, debris, and loose hair from the horse’s coat. It is brush in a circular manner.

On the other hands, a metal curry brush used to brush in the direction the hair is growing. You also can use metal curry comb to cleans the body brush. It should not be use on the sensitive areas of horse’s body such as legs or face.

#2 What is the best kind of mane comb?

We recommend that you should choose pin-type brush, with smooth, rounded plastic pins set into a flexible rubber surface to brush the horse’s mane. It is ideal to get the mane comb that has widely spaced, sturdy teeth. The Wider-spaced teeth will be gentler on hairs.

#3 What is the best hoof pick?

There are many different choice of hoof pick but the choice is easier than choosing a brush. The hoof pick will come with a hooked metal but you should get the hoof pick also includes a brush on other side.

A hoof pick use to get rid of dirt and stones that trapped under the horse’s hooves, therefor it should be made solid galvanized metal, what make it durable even sterilized with boiling water. Do not choose the hoof picks that are excessively sharp.

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