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How To Properly Use Ceramic Glue?

The best ceramic glue will help you maintain your ceramic items or repair them so they can be used again. It is an economical and simple option so that ceramic items can last for you.

If choosing a ceramic glue is not an easy job, how to use it correctly is also a problem for many people. A lot of people have never challenged themselves with how to bond ceramic materials together.

Maybe they have never had to do such work or they have not figured out the best way to do it well. Whatever the reason, put aside, we will teach you the best way to use ceramic glue for your materials.

#1 Step 1

The first thing you need to do is make sure the pieces are securely fixed so that they can be easily glued together correctly. For those who have never glued any ceramic material before this is an extremely important step.

We’ll give you a tip so you can easily fix these debris. Prepare a pot of sand to fix the largest piece of debris, then you only need to fix the small pieces to this large piece.

That is just one example that many people use, you can also use another way to fix it if you feel they are better than sand.

#2 Step 2

What you need to do next is to create epoxy glue so that the adhesive will last longer and better. This is a mixture of hardener and resin and you need to mix this mixture well to create the ideal texture.

The combination of this mixture and glue for ceramic will make the bond much more durable than normal adhesive.

However, it is important to note that after applying Epoxy adhesive to a material, it will dry very quickly, so you should quickly use glue for ceramic before it dries.

#3 Step 3

Once you’ve applied the glue to the fragments, you’ll need to hold them firmly until the glue dries. Be careful not to let the glue come in direct contact with the skin because they have a high adhesion. You should wear gloves or use tweezers to hold the debris.

When the glue has not dried, you should also quickly correct the position between the debris so that they are in the correct position.

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